Landscaping Continues!

Landscaping is going in this week and next. There is a work party to meet at Mike and Olivia’s house to dig up the trees they are donating. The work party will be this Saturday, May 14th. The plan is to meet at Mike and Olivia’s at 9am, dig up the trees and then transport them to the church so that the Landscapers can plant them. Come and join us if you can!

The final item for construction, the White Steeple and Cross, will be delivered the week of July 7th and installed onto the tower.

More of the watering system has been put in, and should be finished this week. Work on the church lawn will take place next (tilling the soil, spreading of the special grass seeds, etc.).

The Fire Inspector will be here this week to give a final inspection. Please say a prayer that he won’t find anything major!

Church Steeple Height


Sprinkler system is being laid out (it started raining on me when I first tried to take pictures, but I waited and the rain stopped).







The cages around the HVAC units are complete.


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