Beautification Party – Correction

CORRECTION: Date should be Saturday, Aug. 9th, not the 16th.

As you all know, we lost the original landscaper and now have to go with plan B.  Plan B is to use another landscaper but the bids that came back are fairly high.  Because of that we are now moving to Plan C.  Which is by far the best plan!

Plan C:
Purchase plants and mulch from a local nursery and have the plants delivered.
A Congregational Beautification Crew will prepare the flower beds and ground for planting, including spreading mulch.
We will subsequently either 1) have our Beautification Crew plant the plants or
We will hire a crew from the local nursery to do the planting.

With that explanation, this Saturday morning (9:00a), August 9th, will be the day for the Beautification Crew to prepare the beds for the plants.  That will involve preparing the beds by removing 3 inches of dirt so the mulch can be put in on Tuesday or Wednesday after it is delivered.

What we need:
- People to dig and move the 3 inches of dirt
- Rakes to level the soil in the islands for mulch.

Please let Ron know if you will be there to help. Send him an email, or you can use our Contact Us form to send him a note.

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