Update on church and upcoming work day

Update on Church:

The door company is meeting Ron at the church tomorrow afternoon to adjust the door locks on the church’s front door as well as the electrician to arrange the hook up for the lightning rod from the steeple when it gets installed a week from Monday by the steeple company.

Steelcrete (Bob) is arranging to come to the church Thursday or Friday to put the windows in the classrooms, remove the doors stored in washroom and have the HVAC Company re-balance the air in the classrooms and the office.

A week from Monday everything will be done except the last bit of the landscaping mulch and the nursery planting of the trees and bushes.

Upcoming Work Day 

On the workday Saturday the 27th we will open up the storage under the stairs, get the stuff (Christmas decorations) etc. put in there and do some paint touch up on walls in the hall and fellowship room. Please schedule this morning on your calendar so we can get all the work done.  There is a little something for everyone.

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