Letter from Olivia Turner to the Congregation

My Brothers and Sisters,

Recently Dorothy asked me to serve as counselor for her, as Pastor. I quickly answered, “Yes”, even without realizing what that role would be.

What I do know is that I am a part of a loving, committed community of believers. I want to do all that I am capable of doing to support each and every one of you. I am personally aware of your love that was extended to me during the hardest time of my life. Because of that, my desire is to continue to pray and be open to the Holy Spirit, which will strengthen and guide us in our spiritual Journey. What I have come to know is each one of you are gifted in so many different ways.

As we strive to serve, what we will discover is that we will strengthen each others giftedness. I will continue to pray for Dorothy and Jacob, and you, my Brothers and Sisters.

May the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen and bless our attempts to minister in the stead of Christ, to those who are both within and without our fold.

With love,

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