Church Cleaning Day – February 10


It is time for us to clean! All of us want a clean church facility so let’s stay after church, divide the work, and get to cleaning!


February 10 right after church. It usually takes about an hour and a half to get it all done.

To ensure that everything gets done, please check in with Dorothy to get your cleaning assignment. She will have written instructions for each area. You can choose from the following:

1. Sanctuary – 1 to vacuum carpet, 1 to vacuum chairs, and 1 to dust windows sill and all surfaces

2. Fellowship Hall – 2 to stack chairs on tables and dust window sills, 1 to sweep floor, 2 to mop floor

3. Kitchen – 1 to wipe all counters, appliances and clean sinks, 1 to sweep floor, 1 to mop floor

4. Bathrooms – 2 to clean all surfaces (including commodes), (1 for Men’s and 1 for Women’s), 1 to sweep and mop floors in each bathroom (2 total)

5. Doors to all rooms – 1 person to use bleach wipes to clean all door knobs and around them

6. Foyer – 1 to clean glass of the entrance and all surfaces, 1 to sweep, 1 to mop

7. Outside – 1 person to clean/sweep area in front of the entrance to the building

If one person does each job, it will take almost 20 people. It is a huge job to clean such a large building but an important job.

If you cannot stay to help, you can volunteer to clean on another day (from the jobs that were not completed on this particular Sunday). Just let Dorothy know.

One last thought – I would prefer that those who are handicapped or elderly NOT have to volunteer. We should have enough people to help without needing that.

Dorothy Hibbard


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