Two Recent Sell-Out Book Back in Stock

Two Recent Sell-Out Books Back In Stock

Herald House has reprinted two popular recent publications.

God All Around! Linda Booth, a member of the First Presidency Team and longtime Community of Christ minister, collected stories of God’s interaction with ordinary folks, showing how God continues to reach out to his people. Each story engages, inspires, forms, and has the power to send forth disciples who see God all around us. Booth’s book is $14.95.

Commentary on the Doctrine & Covenants, Volume 1 This reference work by former Apostle Dale E. Luffman is intended for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the scripture. It’s especially useful for preachers, teachers, individuals, and church groups. The first volume of this ambitious work focuses on the Joseph Smith Jr. era and covers the first 113 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. First introduced at 2019 World Conference, the commentary is $44.95.

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Dorothy Hibbard

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