Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving:

Beginning Thanksgiving day, November 27th, I invite you to participate on a daily journey of scripture, prayer and thanksgiving.

Each evening we will post a scripture and a focus thought for the next day.

Take five minutes out of your day and dwell in the word by reading the scripture and considering what the scripture says to you as we move from Thanksgiving day through the Advent Season to the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Consider those in your family, workplace, community and in the world and uphold them in your prayers.

For those who wish to dwell deeper take the time to journal your thoughts, hopes, and desires and place them before the Lord.

Take the time during this busy season to consciously stop, take a breath and allow God to be a part of your daily life. CONNECT WITH GOD !

My hope and prayer is that you will feel the true Hope, Love, Joy ad Peace that the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring if we turn our concerns over to the Lord and feel the warmth of the Holy Spirits embrace.

In all things give praise and thanksgiving for the Spirit of the Lord is in your life.

Even in sadness there is joy.

Pastor Ron Rowbottom.

Northwest Houston Community of Christ.