Sunday Prayer List for June 16th, 2019

Please remember these loved ones in your daily prayers this week:

  • Robert Gafford
  • Sybil Miller
  • Beth Guiot
  • David Garnier – Susan’s brother
  • Hannah – Susan’s neighbor
  • Mike & Olivia Turner
  • Tresha & Michael Hattar
  • Mary Graham
  • Scott Keairnes
  • Madonna Hunter – health
  • Donna Cantu (sister of Mike Hunter) – health & work
  • Mike Hunter – looking for the right job
  • The Aging/Elderly
  • Church Youth Camps
  • Church Reunions
  • Church Leadership

Sorry for any miss-spelled names. If there are any others we may have missed, please use our Prayer Request page.

For all other inquiries, please use our Contact Us page.

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