Worship Schedule for May – July 2015

      Northwest Houston Schedule (3 months)
NAME Priesthood Available to: May June   July  
      3 10 17 24 31   7 14 21 28   5 12 19 26
Joanne Chapman  Seventy preside/assist                              
Dorothy Hibbard High Priest Speak/Preside/assist       S           P    S      
Tresha Hatter Elder Speak/assist             S               S
Sybil Miller Deacon preside/assist/music     P           P            
Jimmie Radliff Elder assist / music                              
Rhonda Radliff Priest speak/assist               S           S  
Bob Ritchie priest deacon/assist                              
David Romig Elder speak/preside                              
Ron Rowbottom Elder Speak/Preside/assist S/P   S   S       S         P  
Teddy Rowbottom Priest preside/assist         P     P             P
Mike Turner Elder assist                                
Olivia Turner Elder assist                              
Doug White Elder Speak/Preside/assist                              
Marjorie White Elder preside/assist                              
Jeff H Whitehall Deacon assist/deacon                              
Bob Turner Elder speak/preside/assist   S                     P    
Janine Turner Elder speak/preside/assist   P                     S    
Mike Hunter Deacon assist/deacon                              
Steve Schroeder Priest Preside/assist       P     P         P      
Scott Keairnes Priest Speak/assist                              
Jeff L Whitehall Priest speak/preside/assist                              
Teresa Romig Priest Readings/prayers                              
Carol Ceasar elder speak/assist                   S          
Leo Ceasar Evangelist assist                              
Sybil Miller Pianist       M   M       M M     M    
Jimmie Radliff Pianist     M   M     M M       M   M M
will not be attending these Sundays                              
Branch BBQ                                  
Prayer and testimony service.                                
NOTE: The Presider and Speaker can decide to organize the service in the format they choose for ministry.
Presider are encouraged to utilize any individuals within the congregation to share and assist.

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