Worship Schedule for February – April 2016

NAME Priesthood Available to: Febraury March   April
      7 14 21 28   6 13 20 27   3 10 17 24
Carole Caesar Elder speak/assist/greeter G G G G G G G G   S G G G
Leo Caesar Evangelist assist                            
Tresha Hatter Elder Speak/assist       S       S   P      
Dorothy Hibbard High Priest Speak/Preside/assist S P     P P      
Mike Hunter Deacon assist/deacon                                  
Scott Keairnes Priest speak/assist     S                   S    
Sybil Miller Deacon preside/assist/music     P             P  
Jimmie Radliff Elder assist / music                                
Rhonda Radliff Priest speak/assist                            
Bob Ritchie priest deacon/assist                                
David Romig Elder speak/preside                                
Ron Rowbottom Elder Speak/Preside/assist                  
Teddy Rowbottom Priest preside/assist                          
Teresa Romig Priest readings/prayers/assist                              
Leigha Ruffin Priest speak/preside                        
Steve Schroeder Priest preside/assist P   P       P     P    
Bob Turner Elder speak/assist               S       S    
Janine Turner Elder preside/assist         P     P  
Mike Turner Elder assist                                
Olivia Turner Elder assist             A                  
Doug White Elder Speak/Preside/assist                          
Marjorie White Elder preside/assist                          
Jeff H Whitehall Deacon assist/deacon/greeter                                
Barbara Westbrook High Priest Guest Speaker in March               S                  
Mark Welch High Priest Guest Speaker in April                         S      
Sybil Miller Pianist     M M   M M   M M  
Jimmie Radliff Pianist   M M   M M   M M
Not availble on these days                                  
ABBREV: P-Presider, S-Speaker, G-Greeter, M-Music, A-Assist                                
Prayer and testimony service.                                  
March 20 - Palm Sunday, March 27 - Easter                                  
NOTE: The Presider and Speaker can decide to organize the service in the format they choose for ministry.                                    
Presiders are encouraged to use a variety of people in the worship services                        
If you are unable to fullfil your responsibility, please arrange for someone to fill in for you and then let the speaker/presider/pastor know.                      

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